You were my friend when I was alone
You were my prayer when I had none
You were my hope in a world void of light
You were a song in the night...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Autumn's Colors

Red like stop signs
Like roasting hot dogs
Like holly berries and Christmas coming

Orange like fire
Like falling leaves
Like sun that sets the sky aflame

Brown like harvest
Like muddy waters
Like earth not quite covered by snow

Winter's Colors

Gray like clouds
Like curling smoke
Like runners on a shiny sled

White like snow
Like tops of stockings
Like sugar on a ginger cookie

Black like coal
Like dark, wet trees
Like the stove that keeps us toasty warm

Summer's Colors

Blue like sky
Like sparkling water
Like cornflowers and butterfly wings

Yellow like sunlight
Like fireflies dancing
Like picnic blankets spread in shade

Silver like stars
Like a glowing full moon
Like a sleeping bag spread under the sky

Spring's Colors

Pink like petals
like budding young roses
Like smiling faces on children fair

Purple like sunrise
Like full flowered violets
Like vestments at Lent in Grandmother's church

Green like hope
Like newborn leaves
Like springy grass newly unfurled

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  1. Okay, I really like this colors one, which is kind of surprising to me as I usually don't like free-verse. This one was good though.